The Owl & The Lollipop (ONLY ONE)

A one-off design for sure. Nowhere in the world will you find another piece like this. Hand-crafted from both 925 Sterling and 99.9% Fine Silver.


The Pussycat got away leaving just the lollipop for the owl. A piece designed in what I like to call 


The Scrapbox Challenge, Pieces of silver put together in an abstract and avant-gard manner to produce something tangible and beautiful. The Owl and the Lollipop contains two set stones, a clear CZ, tube set resting near the bottom and a claw set Amethyst.


The 'lollipop' is in sterling silver set with red and green CZ's and all is suspended from a hidden bail on a sterling silver chain.


A truely unique piece........One of a kind.......and a real talking can even make up your own story. Size; 5 x 2.5cms. Weight; 13.88gms.



The Owl & The Lollipop (ONLY ONE)