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Kelandy Designs has been established since 2014. After I retired, I initially began creating jewellery as a hobby. This quickly turned into a big passion of mine and I felt comfortable enough to start selling my pieces. My main focus was working with resin and silver in order to create spectacular one off pieces. In my workshop, I work with silver clay and Sterling Silver to create beautiful silver bases and bezels ready to be filled with resin.

Unfortunately, in 2013 my Belgian Shepherd Dog, Tag, had died. I knew I wanted something to commit to his memory and having started to develop my jewellery skills, I decided to work with his cremation ashes in a piece of jewellery. A few weeks later, after lots of research and practise, I created my first piece of memorial cremation ashes jewellery. This was an unexpected journey I found myself on, that actually ended up being the forefront of my business. Since then, Kelandy Designs has gone on to specialise in human and pet cremation ashes memorial jewellery. We understand this is a very difficult time for you and I take pride in creating the most beautiful pieces in memory of your loved one. I am happy to try to accommodate to any requests that you may have and work with you to create something that will truly help to keep your precious memories close.

Kelandy Designs is a proud member of The Society of British Jewellers and The Guild of Jewellery Designers.


I was honoured and delighted to be asked in 2022 to work with Legacy Pets Cremation Services in Bury, producing jewellery for their clients, as shown in the first picture below, at the Grand Opening.

Legacy Opening.jpg
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