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Hair Commissions

I'm often asked about inlaying Hair or Pet Fur into a piece of Jewellery.

I’m always willing to discuss ideas and try to develop solutions to provide whatever you are looking for. I will however be very honest about whether I think it's possible to make what you would like. (Some ideas are just not doable ).

However, most of the pieces shown on site with Ashes inlaid, can also be inlaid with Hair or Pet Fur. Grey or Blonde hair for example goes quite translucent when in resin and can be difficult to see, whereas brown hair over a lighter base colour can be much more visible. Hair which has been coloured, (red for example), can leech some colour into the resin, so this is worth bearing in mind if you'd like it over a very light background colour.

The techniques vary slightly, depending on which piece it is, which colour you would like the hair or fur set against and the room available.

For example, in a 'flat' piece like a pendant necklace, there is usually the option to have the hair placed in a small 'lock', or cut into tiny pieces for a different effect, This can also be done in an inlay ring although the tiny space available can sometimes be challenging.


There are a number of pieces in the gallery below which are inlaid with hair/fur in one way or another. If you click on an individual picture in gallery, it will take you to a brief description of that piece. From there, you can then easily navigate to the main advert for that piece and choose to have hair/fur as the inlay rather than ashes.

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