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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send the Ashes/Hair to you?

When you place an order, you’ll receive a message / email with details of where to send your ashes / hair etc, how much, and the best way to send them. (Little plastic bag taped to a piece of card as you’d send a birthday card is easiest and quickest). I make you piece base/s while they are in transit, ready to inlay when they arrive. I’m always here for any questions.


Do you have / Can you send me a Brochure/Catalogue?

I don’t have a printed physical brochure/catalogue. They’re far too expensive to produce these days for a small business. The complete catalogue with full descriptions and prices (which I try keep as affordable as possible) is online on this site you’re messaging from. If you have any specific questions though, do feel free to ask at any time, I check the messages/chat/email very regularly.


Is the resin waterproof?

Yes they are waterproof for everyday wear such as washing your hands etc. I do send out a full care sheet which recommends not wearing in a hot tub, soaking in a bath or swimming with them on, mainly because of the chemicals which can degrade the resin over time, but that really goes for all jewellery. If it’s looked after properly it will last indefinitely.


Do you do any Mens Rings?

There are a few rings that prove popular with men including the standard Single Channel Inlay in darker colours, the Black Ceramic Ring is especially popular, the Triple Channel Ring, the Heavy Narrow Channel (a particular heavy ring for men) and the Partial Channel Inlay, or Double Channel.


Do you do any Gold Jewellery?

Routinely, as a Silversmith I don’t work in Gold. However, I can get some pieces in gold if I know your specific requirements. The wait time is much usually longer (around 5/6 weeks while it is made) and prices are individual depending on inlays and particular requirements following personal communication with you. Payment is required at the time of ordering. A good alternative worth considering for an Inlay Ring is the Gold Tungsten, which is harder, lighter and very scratch resistant as well as being very much less expensive.

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