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Ashes Memorial Heart Tea-Light  Holder

For those who prefer something other than jewellery, this is a beautiful practical ornament that can be placed in a prominent position shining a light for those you've loved. 


Made in jewellers resin with a wide colour choice for the base, a light sprinkling, (or heavier layer if you wish) of Memorial Cremation Ashes embelished with Silver Butterflies and / or small flowers with an appropriate recess for your real or electric tea light.


Measures 69mm wide, 72mm height, 43mm diameter recess.


(Pictures are currently limited but more willl be added as they are available).


When you have placed your order you will receive a message / email with the address to send your Ashes. How much to send (4 teaspoons for a 5cm size) and suggestions of the best way to send them. As the Pyramid is created in layers in can take 3-4 days after receipt of your ashes to allow a full cure. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the site chat line or email.


Free Postage Within UK



Ashes Memorial Heart Tea-Light Holder

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