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Men’s Braided Black Leather Bracelet with Ashes

A Quality Robust Braided Black Leather Bracelet with Sliding Stainless Steel Fastener with a small space for a subtle resin encased Ashes Memorial as part of the sleek fastening machanism.


Choice of many colours in various materials including Shell (Standard), Opal and Metallic Strands which are slightly more in price but add a little sparkle and reflection.


At one size, it measures 22cm (8,5/8 inches) suitable for most male wrists, as a loose fit.


When you place an order, you'll receive an email or message with all the details of where to send your ashes, how much (a very tiny amount for these bracelets) and the best way to send them. The piece is prepared and polished ready to inlay when your ashes arrive.


If you have any questions, there is an FAQ page under the 'About' tab above and a message box in the bottom right of this page.


Completion time is usually about a week from receiving your ashes.

Men’s Braided Black Leather Bracelet with Ashes

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