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Care of your Breastmilk Jewellery



Your breastmilk jewellery is designed to be worn everyday but needs to be treated with care and respect as much, if not more, than any piece of jewellery.

All resin will start to yellow over time (despite what anyone else may tell you). At Kelandy Designs we use an Ultra Violet Resistant Hardener when making your jewellery which helps to guard against yellowing but may not prevent it completely for ever. Everyones  breastmilk is different (like fingerprints) and will not necessarily behave like the next persons.



Resin is essentially waterproof although too much contact with hot water can dull the shine and can be adversely affected by chemicals. The following care guidelines should therefore be followed to allow to jewellery to remain in the best condition without obvious deterioration.

It is advised not to shower, swim or spend time in a hot tub in your breastmilk jewellery. Personal hygiene products such as hair shampoo, body wash, hair colourants and bleaches contain many chemicals which can interact with resin. Chlorine can damage the resin surface by pitting, and saltwater can cause silver jewellery to tarnish.

Please protect your jewellery from any chemical or detergent, especially those found in cleaning products.

Please be careful to protect your jewellery when using perfumes, oils, moisturisers, make-up, cosmetics and perfumes. If you continuously spray your necklace, for example, with your favourite perfume, it will have an undesirable effect, it has been tested by us, so we know.

Please avoid leaving your jewellery in direct sunlight. Changes in temperature or heavy pressure on your jewellery can cause changes and damage. You will not be entitled to an exchange if it is clear that mistreatment or lack of care has led to changes in the jewellery.

Please think carefully before undergoing things like a spray tan, or lengthy gardening sessions. Remember, these are precious keepsakes. If you were dressed to go to a wedding, you wouldn’t just dig the potatoes before you left, please don’t do it in your jewellery either.

Layering rings and necklaces with other jewellery items can cause rubbing and abrasions against each other causing excess wear.



Clean your piece with a soft cloth on a regular basis. Gentle rubbing will not harm either the resin surface or the silver parts. Your natural body oils can build up over time but light cleaning will keep your jewellery looking bright and clean.

If the surface dulls over time, use a wax based polish to gently rub the resin back to a shine. You can use a silver cloth to remove light tarnish from the sterling silver.

Each person has an individual skin pH which can affect the time your jewellery takes to wear. Generally speaking if it is wiped regularly and kept clean it will remain looking well. Be aware that individual body chemistry can change the rate at which discolouration occurs.

If your jewellery needs to be sent back to Kelandy Designs for a clean / polish please contact us at any time. This will incur a service cost which will be looked at on an individual basis.

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