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Ashes Memorial Pyramid with Gold / Silver Leaf

These beautiful ashes memorial pyramids are fantastic for those who would like a memorial piece rather than wear jewellery. They sit beautifully on a Mantlepiece, shelf or in a display cabinet, and at the same time  diffuse the power of the pyramid into the room (for those who believe in pyramid power). 


The Pyramids are created in Jewellery grade resin with layers of Gold Leaf, Glass Chips, Metal tinsel and of course the memorial ashes of a beloved pet or relative. 


The standard size in 50mm Square at the base with a height of 50mm. There is currently the option of a smaller size which is 30mm at the base with a height of 30mm. There may other sizes available in the future (60mm & 40mm).


Colours available are Blue, Black, Red, Green, Pink, with Gold or Silver leaf. 


When you have placed your order you will receive a message / email with the address to send your Ashes. How much to send (4 teaspoons for a 50mm size) and suggestions of the best way to send them. 


As the Pyramid is created in layers in can take 3-4 days after receipt of your ashes to allow a full cure. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the site chat line or email.


Free Postage Within UK.

Ashes Memorial Pyramid with Gold / Silver Leaf

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