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GIFT VOUCHER - Kelandy Designs £10 - £250

Due to popular demand Kelandy Designs now offers a range of Gift Vouchers which are available for purchase to gift to friends and family. The vouchers can be used to cover the full cost, or part of the cost of any products on site. There are various amounts allowing a good range of choice through a combination of buying one or more vouchers.(for example if you wanted a voucher for specifically £210.00, then one would purchase a voucher for £200 and a voucher for £10 in the same basket)


When you have made your purchase, your personal voucher will be generated and sent to you at the email address you have provided during checkout. It is therefore essential that you provide your email address during the checkout process.


Your voucher can be printed out on any home printer and will contain the personal one time code for the lucky recipient to input when making their purchase. Please do not give out the code to anyone other than the person the voucher is intended for as it will be invalidated when it has been used once.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the chat facility or by email.

GIFT VOUCHER - Kelandy Designs £10 - £250

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