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Gold Tungsten Inlay Ring

A brilliant alternative to Gold which is currently very expensive. Gold Tungsten is a robust Tungsten Carbide Ring (Gold tungsten is made by bombarding atomic sized energetic particles of titanium zirconium allow, which is gold in color, at an extremely high velocity so that the particles embed themselves into the surface of the tungsten ring. Experiments show IP to be 5 to 8 times more durable than conventional techniques.), so looks just like gold and matches other gold rings you may have. It is much lighter in weight, very strong and extremely hard, and scratch resistant.


The ring pictured is inlaid with Deep Red Opal but can be made with a selection of colours in shell which is the standard inlay (just like the Sterling Silver Inlay Rings), Opal which is a bit more opulent (as pictured in the advert for Black Ceramic Rings). There are also options for Gold Leaf / Strand and Silver Leaf / Strand. These can sole inlays or mixed with a shell colour of your choice (state colour you’d like in box 3.


The addition of Memorial Cremation Ashes can be done with these rings too making it a beautiful memorial ring to keep you precious memories close.


It can be made in colour using a mix of the ashes and crushed seashell, or Ashes with Opal. (Please see photos). The band is 5.8mm wide with the Ashes Inlay at 3.8mm. Highly Polished and perfectly smooth, it provides a loving focus on your hand.


Please choose your size and colour (choose ‘colourless’ for just the ashes without added coloured shell) (choose your usual normal ring size, (It will need to be slightly oversize to allow for the width but please choose your normal size and it will be worked from there). (If your normal size is not shown, ie: is S, please choose the nearest half size up, ie: S1/2) and make your purchase. When you have placed your order you will receive a message with the address to send your Ashes.

It only requires a small amount, about a teaspoon.


Due to the very personal nature of this item it is individually made specifically for you with respect and care and can therefore take up to 5 days to be made and dispatched with your ashes, after receiving them. Because these rings bases have to be manufactured and cant be made in the workshop it will take a few days to order and receive but are usually here by the time your ashes arrive)


Please be aware that individual uncoloured ashes are like fingerprints and will vary slightly in colour.


PLEASE STATE if you require just a ‘Hint of Colour’



. (Many sales to US, Postage time roughly 5 days, completion within 5 days (usually quicker) of receiving your ashes.


Care Guidelines

: The inlay will be coated with a hard protective wax. Please avoid strong solvents on the ring surface such as nail varnish remover. A wax based furniture type polish can be used to revive the shine. Things such as gardening, car maintenance etc are not recommended while wearing.

The last photo is a ring size guide

Please be aware that these rings are only available in the following sizes.

J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R, S1/2. T1/2, U1/2, V1/2, W1/2, X1/2 (So if you're an S for example, choose S1/2)

Gold Tungsten Inlay Ring

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