Heavy Narrow Channel Cremation Ashes Memorial Inlay Ring

This Beautiful Solid Sterling Silver ring is fully handmade with a narrow channel to accomodate your memories in Memorial Ashes down the centre. The images here show Deep Red and Peacock Opal with Ashes and Natural Ashes with nothing else added. (Examples of Shell Colour can be seen on the single channel ring adverts here on the site).


It is important to submit a correct Ring Size as these rings cannot be adjusted once the inlay is done. There is a Universal Ring Size Chart in the images.


The Opal version adds an eye-catching glint to the ring and looks stunningly opulent when caught in the light.


The shell versions can be made in most colours, please state your preference in the appropriate 'free text' box. If choosing an Opal Inlay please state the colour you would like referring to Image 14 in the advert. There is also a mandatory 'Ring Size; option to complete.


The higher cost of this ring (compared to the single channel) is due not only to the increased Silver content in the ring but also because it has to be hallmarked in the UK by law, as it is over the exemption weight. It will be Hallmarked at the Sheffield Assay Office, (being quite close to me). This can take about 2 weeks after the ring is completed before it can be dispatched to you.


When you have placed your order, you will receive a personal message/email with the address to send your Ashes, how much is needed and suggested best way to send.

It only requires a small amount, about a teaspoon.


If you have any questions prior to your purchase please feel free to send us a message via this sites' message service.

Heavy Narrow Channel Cremation Ashes Memorial Inlay Ring