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Sterling Silver Ashes Memorial Adjustable Double Heart Ring

This lovely Sterling Silver Adjustable Memorial Double Heart Ring features two Silver Hearts on a round or 'D' shaped Band. In the main pictures here, the hearts are inlaid with Natural Ashes in the smaller heart and Dark Blue Shell with metallic strand and ashes in the larger Heart. 

Any two different or same colours can be chosen for your unique ring and therefore is more easily expressed in the free text box below rather than a 'drop down' choice box. We can then discuss your exact requirements to make sure it's right for you and exactly what you want. 

The advantage of course is that it can be adjusted to allow for growth so ideal for a childrens ring although not only so. The adjustability can safely accommodate 4-5 UK sizes and is best enlarged by sliding down a conical object (such as a small round hairbrush handle or similar) to keep it even. 

With that in mind, when placing an order, please choose the smallest required size, which will then adjust to at least 4 sizes bigger. 

When you have placed your order, you’ll receive an email / message with details of where to send your ashes, how much (very tiny amount), and suggestions of the best way to send them. I will make your ring while they are in transit ready to complete the inlay when they arrive.

Sterling Silver Ashes Memorial Adjustable Double Heart Ring

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