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Sterling Silver Ashes Memorial Double Heart Ring

This Beautiful Double Heart Memorial Ring is personally handmade for you and inlaid with your choice of Shell or Opal and can have memorial ashes added if you wish. 


The Sterling Silver split shank ring is made individually to your size. It measures 3mm across at the back where the two sides meet and therefore 1 1/2mm split sections on which sit the two dainty Sterling silver hearts which are 8mm across x 8.5 high.

The hearts are set a little off true, facing one another slightly, as if set perfectly straight, they tend to look a bit ‘clinical’. Setting them this way makes for a softer look, in keeping with the purpose of the ring.


The Gold/Purple heart ring has hearts which are slightly deeper but no longer available, but currently there for illustration in respect of the colours, the current ring specification is that shown in the Red/Green ring.


Please choose your colour from the drop down box. The colour names refer to the shell inlay, the Opal colours are preceded with the word ‘Opal’. Please state  in the second box, whether you would like ashes in the ring as a memorial ring, or without, as a dress ring. 


When you have placed your order, you’ll receive an email / message with details of where to send your ashes, how much (very tiny amount), and suggestions of the best way to send them. I will make your ring while they are in transit ready to complete the inlay when they arrive.


While I cannot ‘live’ on the web chat due to making jewellery, I do check it very regularly, so if you have any questions either before you order or during the process please feel free to use it to ask.

Sterling Silver Ashes Memorial Double Heart Ring

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