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Sterling Silver Ashes Memorial Inlay Ring with Set Stone / Birthstone

A Beautiful Sterling Silver Channel Inlay Ring, Inlaid with the Cremation Ashes of a Loved passed relative or Beloved Pet. In addition, tube set into the band, with a precious or semi-precious stone of your choice. I receive many requests for providing some way of remembrance in jewellery, of a loved one or pet. This Keepsake ring is an attractive, unusual and subtle way of keeping those memories alive and close.


It can be made in colour using a mix of the ashes and crushed seashell. (Please see photos), or Opal and Ashes (please contact). The band is 5.8mm wide with the Ashes Inlay at 3.8mm. Highly Polished and perfectly smooth, it provides a loving focus on your hand.


Please choose your size, gemstone choice and colour (choose ‘colourless’ for just the ashes without added coloured shell). If you would like more than one stone, please make contact as the pricing is very individual based on the stone types. (Choose your usual normal ring size, I will need to be make it a 1/4 size larger to allow for the ring band width but I will do that from your normal size) and make your purchase. When you have placed your order you will receive a message with the address to send your Ashes.

It only requires a small amount, about a teaspoon.


Due to the very personal nature of this item it is individually made specifically for you with respect and care and can therefore take up to 5 days (although often less) to be made and dispatched with your ashes, after receiving them.


Please be aware that individual uncoloured ashes are like fingerprints and will vary slightly in colour. 


PLEASE STATE if you require just a ‘Hint of Colour.' (There are one or two 'Hints of Colour' shown in the other adverts 'without gemstones).


If choosing 'Rainbow' it cannot be set in stripes as the band is too narrow, but can be set in 4 coloured sections as in Photo 7, with a Gemstone set into your chosen section.


Please note that the prices listed are based on the gemstones offered. If you would like something different, please contact us via the online 'chat' or 'contact form' prior to your purchase.


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. (Many sales to US, Postage time roughly 5 days, completion within 5 days of receiving your ashes.


Care Guidelines: The inlay will be coated with a hard protective resin coat and  additional wax finish so that the top surface of silver will not tarnish so quickly, so please do not try to clean that before it needs it. Avoid strong solvents on the ring surface such as nail varnish remover. A wax based furniture type polish can be used to revive the shine. Things such as gardening, car maintenance etc are not recommended while wearing.

The last photo is a ring size guide


Recent Reviews VERY PROFESSIONAL! This ring was made in honor of my mom who passed away last year. Andy communicated with me every single step of the way. He treated me as if I was a close friend/family and if that doesn’t scream customer service I don’t know what does. The product I received turned out better than I thought it would be. I have nothing but good things to say about this guy. If you need any jewelry for anything, he is the guy you want to go to!


Omg I love it!!! Absolutely perfect!!! I will certainly recommend you! Thank you for a great service I am soooo chuffed


Andy, it's just arrived and it's so beautiful, I can't thank you enough!!! You're right, it is a beautiful colour and the workmanship is first class. I will wear it with love and pride - and sing your praises. I did not expect to be wearing it so soon, superb service, very high quality and great communication. Thank you so much.


Just wanted to say that I am so satisfied with your service and quality. Thank you so much for everything.

Sterling Silver Ashes Memorial Inlay Ring with Set Stone / Birthstone

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