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Sterling Silver Single Bezel Ashes Memorial Cremation Ring.

A Beautiful Cremation Ashes Memorial Ring to keep your loved departed Relative or Pet close to your heart.


This Stacking Style ring featuring a 2mm Beaded Wire Band in Sterling Silver is an attractive, unusual and subtle way of keeping those memories alive and close.


The Round Silver Bezel is 10mm in diameter and contains the shell for colour with the Ashes ‘floating’ on top. The ‘Colour’ versions are achieved using a mix of the ashes and crushed seashell. (Please see photos). (Can be completely mixed together if you prefer a more subtle look in the knowledge that your provided ashes are there. Perfectly smooth and Highly Polished it provides a loving focus on your hand. 


Please choose your colour (choose ‘colourless'’ for just the ashes without added coloured shell) choose your usual normal ring size, and make your purchase. 


When you have placed your order you will receive a message with the address to send your Ashes. It only requires a small amount, about a teaspoon. Due to the very personal nature of this item it is individually made specifically for you with respect and care and can therefore take up to 5 days (although often less) to be made and dispatched with your ashes, after receiving them. 


Please be aware that individual uncoloured ashes are like fingerprints and will vary slightly in colour.


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE  (Many sales to US, Postage time roughly 5-7days. Completion within 5 days of receiving ashes - usually quicker)

Care Guidelines: The resin provides a hard wearing surface which is waterproof for handwashing and general wear, It has been tested in boiling water with liquid soap and left in the water to cool for 4 hours without ill any effects. The silver can be polished with a silver cloth to prevent tarnishing as with any sterling silver, if the resin becomes soiled it should be careful wiped with a very soft cloth.. A wax based furniture type polish can be used to revive the shine. It is best worn as a dress ring rather than for everyday things such as gardening, car maintenance etc.


The Earrings shown in the pictures are available as an with an added discount when purchased together


The last photo is a ring size guide

Sterling Silver Single Bezel Ashes Memorial Cremation Ring.



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