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Sterling Silver Partial Inlay Ashes Memorial Ring

This partial fill Memorial Ashes Inlay Ring in Sterling Silver is similar to the Complete band inlay but the inlay only covers around a third of the band. It makes a slightly heavier ring with thicker Silver and can be more suited to some as a male ring, although perfectly acceptable as a multi-sex ring.

For the moment while stocks last, the earrings are available with silver plating for no charge, as a set with the ring.


For illustration, this ring is made in Purple with Shell. As other colours are made, they will be added to the photographs to view. In the meantime, there are examples of other colours in some of the other ring adverts.


Both the ring and earrings can have memorial ashes inlaid with the colour, which is provided through the use of coloured shell, or without ashes of course, as a dress ring.


This ring can also be made with an Opal Inlay. If choosing Opal, please do so by choosing one of the Opal Colours on the bottom of the Colour Choice List. Please note the price will increase if choosing this ring with an opal inlay.


Please choose your size and colour (choose ‘colourless’ for just the ashes without added coloured shell) (choose your usual normal ring size, I will need to be make it a slightly larger to allow for the ring band width, but I will do that from your normal size) and make your purchase.


The last photo is a ring size guide


When you have placed your order you will receive a message with the address to send your Ashes. It only requires a small amount, about a teaspoon.


Due to the very personal nature of this item it is individually made specifically for you with respect and care and can therefore take up to 5 days (although often less) to be made and dispatched with your ashes, after receiving them.


Please be aware that individual uncoloured ashes are like fingerprints and will vary slightly in colour. 


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. (Many sales to US, Postage time roughly 5 days, completion within 5 days (usually quicker) of receiving your ashes.


Care Guidelines: The inlay will be coated with a hard protective wax coat so that the top surface of silver will not tarnish so quickly, so please do not try to clean that before it needs it. Avoid strong solvents on the ring surface such as nail varnish remover. A wax based furniture type polish can be used to revive the shine. Things such as gardening, car maintenance etc are not recommended while wearing.


Sterling Silver Partial Inlay Ashes Memorial Ring

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